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Let Us Light Your Way

Trust Diaby Electric with your lighting installation in Savannah, GA

Outdated lighting fixtures could be affecting more than just your home's value. Old lights are less efficient and use more energy to produce light. That could mean higher energy bills. Diaby Electric offers residential and commercial lighting installation services in Savannah, GA. Our professionals can install new lighting fixtures or replace your outdated ones so you can enjoy better and brighter lighting.

Call 912-429-4344 to schedule your interior or exterior lighting installation today.

Quality lighting is a bright idea

There's nothing worse than not having enough lighting when you need it. Diaby Electric specializes in lighting installation and can brighten up your home or business with:

  • Interior home lighting
  • Outdoor patio lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Custom lighting systems

We can design and install your entire outdoor lighting system. Contact us in Savannah, GA to learn more about our indoor or patio lighting services today.