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Effective Solutions for a Reliable Electrical System in Savannah, GA

Don't put off your electrical repairs; call Diaby Electric

Do you have certain outlets that don't work? Are you constantly tripping circuit breakers? Diaby Electric in Savannah, GA can solve any and all of your electrical problems. We offer residential and commercial electrical repairs for bad lighting, dead sockets, old circuit breakers and faulty wiring.

Speak with our professionals in Savannah, GA about your electrical wiring repair needs today. We'll be happy to assess your issue and provide you with a free estimate.

Shed light on your electrical problems

Since your electrical wires are hidden behind your walls, it can be hard to notice when you have an issue. Here are a few signs you need electrical repairs:

  • Your breakers are constantly tripping.
  • Your lights flicker when you turn them on.
  • Your outlets smell burnt when plugged in.

Reach out to your local electrician in Savannah, GA to schedule electrical wiring repair services. Call 912-429-4344 today.